3 page essay

3 page essay

3 page essay
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-15 page term paper 5/1/09
Most college classes in the humanities, literature, or history require essays. This is generally because it is easier to evaluate what you have learned in written form than relying on exams. For humanities classes, it is often more important you put concepts into practice than knowing what they are. While each essay topic is different, and each essay we create is one hundred percent original, there are some standard components to any 3 page essay.

3 page essay

  • Create a schedule for your paper. For example, you can decide to give 4 hours a day to write your paper. Or you can schedule a 3 day intense crash writing for your paper.
  • Reduce different distractions. Any form of noise is likely to seize your attention. Also stay away from social media, television and radio. This may be a tough sacrifice, but in the end it always pays. Your brain will be more focused, and least likely to wear out in straining to focus on so many things at once.

In the International Student Blog 2 ways of brainstorming are presented by an international teacher, Bryanna Davis. Just look at them if you want to brainstorm effectively. We suggest you do the following:

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3 page essay

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Three pages is about the standard length for middle school essays and shorter high school reports. Three pages provides authors enough space to construct and develop their arguments and write a short introduction and conclusion. Don’t worry too much about the length while you are writing it. Follow the assignment and your paper should be just about the right length.
Write the conclusion. The conclusion should briefly restate the main points of the essay in a different way than did the thesis. It should then do something to leave an impression on your readers. If this is a book report, you could end with a powerful quotation relating to your thesis, or an observation about the book as a whole.



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