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From my high school years and all the way throughout college, I would always be that one out of five students that always walked around with a book in their bag. Regardless if I was stopping on a bus, a bench, or whatever place more than five minutes, I would take out my book and start reading.

At some point, I went from novels to critique books. A lot of college mates would give me the weird eye: why would I read that out of pleasure? Most students would read full out novels such as Pride or Prejudice, Moby Dick, even Dracula. Me? I liked to go into the mind of the writer rather than reading a plotline. I wanted to know the symbolism of it all. This is also why my bachelor degree involved a lot of criticism and well-researched content. I am one of those people that like to be thorough.

I graduated, and I had two choices: I either became a professor, or I became a writer. Since my preferences go into academic writing, I chose the latter. I never had to go for top writing services before, simply because I preferred to do my own work – but I also knew that a lot of students use them. As a result, I decided to go into essay writing as well. By reading various reviews on writing services, I knew what would be expected of me – so I was confident that I could do a good job.

Now I already have enough experience with essay writing to provide excellent content for any student in need. I read every writing essays services review that is sent my way, and I am constantly trying to improve myself. Therefore, if you have a request or any type of feedback for me, I am always glad to receive it.