how to write a 3 page essay

how to write a 3 page essay

Answering Questions: The Parts of an Essay
Writing an academic essay means fashioning a coherent set of ideas into an argument. Because essays are essentially linear—they offer one idea at a time—they must present their ideas in the order that makes most sense to a reader. Successfully structuring an essay means attending to a reader’s logic.

Here’s an example of an introduction outline. Follow this template for each section. Research points and include them as you create it.

  • Introduction: (3 paragraphs, 1 page)
  • First paragraph: Introduce the topic
  • Not your thesis mind you. While you might ordinarily introduce your thesis earlier, you’ll need to pad this paper as much as possible without adding too much fluff. To do so, introduce the general topic. Include useful information, but make sure you write a paragraph that covers about 1/3 of the first page.
  • Second paragraph: Introduce your thesis
  • Now, introduce your thesis. In the first sentence, state it. For the rest of the paragraph, refine and clarify it. Third paragraph: Introduce three supporting ideas.

A sentence for each idea and a sentence to clarify should finish up the first page.

  • Write your essay over the outline

    How to write a 3 page essay
    Intro: Thesis statement. For example “George W. Bush’s PATRIOT Act was unconstitutional.”
    Body Paragraphs 1 and 2: Evidence the Act is unconstitutional, using a different source for each paragraph
    Body Paragraph 3: An argument that the Act is constitutional, refuted by evidence you have found
    Following the introduction are your body paragraphs. Generally, these can be split up into two different sections: information that enhances your argument, and disputing arguments against your argument. These sections may be split by headers, but are not necessary. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence, which outlines the purpose of the paragraph, and a concluding sentence that leads into the next paragraph. A sample essay outline might look like this:

    Your body paragraph needs to underscore the thesis statement. Create a topic sentence for this body paragraph that communicates this and also transitions from the introduction into the body. For example, your body paragraph topic sentence based on the outline above could be:

    1. Introduction Paragraph
      1. Hook
      2. Background Points
      3. Thesis Statement
    2. Body Paragraph
      1. Topic Sentence
        1. Supporting fact 1
        2. Supporting fact 2
      2. Transition Sentence
    3. Conclusion Paragraph
      1. Re-statement of Thesis
      2. Summary of Main Point
      3. Challenge to the Reader

    How to write a 3 page essay
    It should be added here that organization skills have a lot of influence on time taken to finish a research paper. That’s why this article is designed to get to know you how to guide aims to help you perfect your organization skills and show you tips on how to write quickly and smartly too.
    This article is written particularly for students who have a lot of projects on their hands and are looking for a way to write a quick 3 page paper at the last moment. Rest assured, if you follow these steps listed, you are on the way of being rewarded with high marks for your paper. Read on!


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